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1.Can I try out the service for purchasing a subscription?

A. Yes. We have a Free subscription package which lets you use the service for as long as you like.

2.What kind of feedback can I receive?

A. Visitors to your website can put queries or feedback either by using traditional text message or create audio messages using their microphone or video messages using their camera and microphone. They can even upload audio/video files which they may have created separately.

3.Is there a limit on the length of each feedback I can receive?

A. Yes. According to the subscription package you have chosen each audio or video feedback has a duration limit. Text messages have none. That means if if people only post text messages, then you can receive unlimited feedback per month. The duration limits per month are only for audio/video feedback. Please note that the duration is based on the total duration of audio/video received and not on how many feedback messages have been received.

4.Can I see all the feedback I have received?

A.Yes you can see all your feedback in your dashboard page. You can sort and filter the messages also. Messages can be deleted and updated with a status if required. Since a person is required to put their email in the feedback popup, you can follow up with them separately outside SpartanVoice.

5.How is the message duration calculated for my subscription package?

A. Every subscription plan has a feedback message limit which is the total number of minutes each month that your messages can have. There is no limit on the number of messages you can create as long as the duration limit is not crossed. So for eg.if you received 10 video messages of 30 seconds each, then your monthly duration is reduced by 300 seconds which is about 5 minutes. If your limit gets exhausted then visitors can only give text feedback until the next subscription update.

6.Does my website need to have something special for SpartanVoice to work?

A.SpartanVoice can only work with websites which run on SSL. In other words,your website must run on https://yourdomain.com instead of http://yourdomain.com . The reason being that all modern browsers prevent microphone and camera access on non-secure websites due to security considerations. That is a technical requirement which we have to follow.

7.Where should I paste the SpartanVoice script in my website?

A.If you only want to show the SpartanVoice widget in a single page eg.homepge then you can paste the script at the bottom of your homepage source code. If you want to show the widget across all the pages in your website, then it is best to paste the SpartanVoice script in a file which is used in all the pages eg.the footer or the header or a sidebar.


6.A visitors' browser is not allowing them to access their camera/microphone

A. By default, their browser will prompt them to allow access to their webcam/microphone when they use SpartanVoice to record a message. Sometimes if they have not allowed access, then it does not show the prompt again, thus not allowing them to record a message. In such a case they should close and open the browser again. The browser will then show the prompt again.

7.After receiving a message, I see the caption: "this media is processing"

A.If the audio/video message is more than 10 seconds long then it might take a few seconds to a few minutes to process and create the final media file, depending on how long the message is. Once the media file is ready, the audio/video file will automatically show up for playback when you refresh the page.

8.What is the Recalc option for each message in the Dashboard page?

A.Sometimes there may be a mismatch between the actual duration of the message and the recorded duration as stored in our servers. This happens particularly when a visitor records a message using their mobile camera. If you feel that the duration shown is incorrect , clicking on Recalc will fetch the correct duration length of the message and update the recording time as well as your total usage time.

9.After receiving an audio message, I am not hearing anything on playback. Is there a problem?

A.For audio recordings, depending on the length of the message, it can take a few seconds to a few minutes for the audio file to get processed. So until the audio processing is completed, you might not hear any sound. Once its completed, the sound will play fine.


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